The best morning

Some of you know I am the music-worship person at Church of the Redeemer in Nashville, TN.  I’ve been coordinating teams and directing the music for five years now.  It’s a lovely Anglican community of broken, in-process people seeking Jesus in Word and Sacrament.

One of the many perks of my job is getting to encourage and partner with the talented volunteer musicians from our Church community.  A few times a year, I host a Saturday morning breakfast for folks interested in learning more about our music ministry.  Not only is it a time to explain how the music scheduling and rehearsals work, but more importantly it is a time to hear each others stories, to share with one another some of why we were drawn to worship music in the first place, and a time to drink some strong coffee and eat some good food!   Then, after we have had our fill of all that, we eventually wander over to a piano, pull out a guitar or two, glance at a couple of music charts, and worship together.

This morning was such a gathering.  My dear friend and assistant, Kendra (a very gifted musician in her own right,) helped me prepare the spread and the music.   Then, three incredibly special ‘new’ musicians showed up to participate in all of the above.  (They are not ‘new’ musicians, but new to us/our music ministry at Redeemer.)

I won’t name their names because I have not asked their permission, but I will say, I was very impressed and humbled by their storytelling, their respective journeys, and their hearts of worship.  As each shared a little of their history and what had brought them to this moment, I encountered authentic, loving, in-process people willing to be used in God’s service, hungry to know Him more, desirous of redemption and healing in places that could use it, and confident God will do this very thing in time.  Secondarily, they are all great musicians too.

To echo a wonderful song by Jill Phillips titled, “Nobody’s Got it All Together,” for me, this morning’s musician time was a special encounter with humble men and women, who know they don’t have it all together, but who also know, God can use such as these.   Thank you for coming today, for being willing to give Redeemer’s music ministry a try.  We welcome you here…just as you are.

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